Never say “happy” memorial day.
A somber remembrance of those hearty, hardened souls should be the way
The air you breathe now could be part of the very last vapors that crossed their paling lips on the fields of battle then
The fields of battle, often a distant vision for most
Terrifying visions of dismay and hell for those brave enough to serve this country of ours
Trudging head-long and steadfast in a unique resolve, heroism a distant vacant thought
Helmets and worn boots and vests and blood & tear-soaked shirts are too often all that remain
Memorials to fallen hearts in foreign lands
Under the peace and solitude of a starry night
Our brave knights stare at the same far-off blinking lights in the vast darkness of a night sky
As you look up, don’t crave freedom, don’t crave admiration
Think about those that chose to fight and exasperate themselves
Think about gratitude and being humble and fighting to never let them be forgotten

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