there then I fell and wondered


There’s a devil in me
But when
You see me sleeping
I’m so peaceful
I can feel you looking at me
Looking after me
If I could open my eyes
I’d see your pain
I’d feel your invisible embrace
If I could open my heart
You’d know
I was there
If you’d open the window
I’d take flight with you
Guided by the earth
Floating through the heavens
I saw you again tonight
You were in my dreams
I dreamt I saw you
Mystically floating
I saw your spirit
Swelling and ebbing
With the light and gentle wind
You were moving to the next room
But I couldn’t
I couldn’t run fast enough
Enough to catch a crystal clear glimpse
I was walking along
Blocked by your walls
I patiently wait outside, patrolling
Protecting you from all harm from the outside
The walls you consider brick and mortar
In the doorway to your heart
Crumble away in reluctant acceptance
Hiding in corners of forgotten dreamscapes
I’ve seen you sitting, quietly weeping
Behind the curtain
I was too far away
Disconnecting from my shadow
Disavowing the past
Never realizing
Your true physical presence
I was claiming
Falsely touting
That I didn’t deserve it
Through the personal wars
I never lost sight
I never lost hope
That just once,
Maybe tomorrow night
You’ll return to me
And I’ll get one more chance
To gaze forever into your eyes

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