I am the all-powerful
Shaman poet
I am the all-knowing
Weaver of words
I am “that one”
Friend to many
The greatness of my soul
Enhanced by onlookers
“Give me a hand, I’m drowning!”
Exclaimed from the insane waters
A hand, then an arm
Materializes in the darkness
Pulls a floundering shaman-poet
From the depths of… whatever
I am the great lord
Of lyrical mastery
I live for
The great American night
Which provides me with my visions
Which spurs my inspiration
I rue the daytime
That steals sleep
and hides my inner poet
sun beating on weary, work-worn shoulders
pushed into submission
causing lack of creation
Who are you?
A poet
A shaman
A singer
Three different states of being
Exist in all of us
The poet writes
The shaman leads by spiritual example
The singer proclaims at the front of the stage
Are you one?
Are you a combo?
I am.
A shaman-poet
It’s what I’ve sought to be
Although whatever I am
Wherever words take you, take me
I am nothing
Without the people behind me

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