Fitting verbose enunciations of spirit into twitter's character limitations is too often akin to Tetris

Whatever you do, don't let it be described as "the unbearable task of being human." Be humane. Be enlightened. Be compassionate. Embrace it.

When a smile brightens your night sky like a metric ton of fireworks, hopefully you have the ability to accept it into your life

New post: "Stubbed toe and chicken" [Stories] https://t.co/uxsLmWsV2J

Tonight's forecast calls for zero clouds and the bright & hopeful shiny light of exuberance at the end of a dimly lit roadway

New post: "Walt’s folly" [Poems] https://t.co/A8U70Qhp7J

New post: "ordered" [Poems] https://t.co/ocz0FRIoTj

New post: "self loathing avoidance" [Poems] https://t.co/45CRMhoQsE

Your prime directive should always be to let good things happen to you, for you and all around you.

https://t.co/LLNWB6I8Ja is up and sauntering.
(i'd say up & running, but it's a slow work in progress)

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